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IranPolitik Historical Archive: Rafsanjani's message to a young IRGC in 1988

IranPolitik Historical Archive: Rafsanjani’s message to a young IRGC in 1988 may still have relevance today

Context & overview History, and the materials that document it, often help shed light on the events and personalities of the past. However, they can also help us better understand the present. Two videos ( 1 – 2 ) recently posted on the website of ex-president and current Expediency Council Chairman Ayatollah Ali-Akbar Hashemi-Rafsanjani certainly…


IranPolitik Historical Archive: Saeed Hajjarian and the Pragmatist-Reformist divide in Iranian politics

In a recent interview with Andishey-e Pooya magazine (as reported by BBC Persian), Saeed Hajjarian, the chief theoretician of Iran’s Reformist faction, discussed the history of the political divide between the two ‘moderate’ factions in the Islamic Republic, the Pragmatists and Reformists. This divide continues to be significance today, and may have important consequences for…