Interview – Surge in anti-American hostility in Iran is setback for jailed US reporter

IranPolitik co-founder and managing editor Farzan Sabet recently conducted an interview on the anti-“infiltration” campaign in Iran with the Christian Science Monitor:

“Expectations were high that clinching a deal “would automatically enhance Mr. Rouhani’s position to expand social and political freedoms in Iran and resolve other issues in the US-Iran relationship,” says Farzan Sabet, managing editor of the IranPolitik website and Nuclear Security Fellow at the Center for International Security and Cooperation at Stanford.

But those expectations did not take into account that the rare consensus among moderates and conservatives for a nuclear deal was to lift sanctions only, says Mr. Sabet, and does not extend to Rouhani’s broader agenda.

“So has there been post-deal backsliding in Iran toward old patterns?” asks Sabet. “Rouhani may still genuinely want to deliver on expanding freedoms or improving ties with the United States. But his conservative opponents have the upper hand for now.”

Indeed, Khamenei warned about the risk of cultural and political intrusion a month ago, and said the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) “should prevent the infiltration powerfully.””

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