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The IRGC under Rouhani: Changinig economic role?

The IRGC under Rouhani: Changinig economic role?

As IranPolitik has noted in the past, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) is a major economic player in Iran, with interests in nearly every economic sector, most notably Iran’s strategic petroleum industry. This situation has arisen for a variety of reason, including the IRGC’s experience in construction projects from the Iran-Iraq War, the weakness…


Interview – IranPolitik w/ Italy’s L’Indro on the Geneva II Conference

IranPolitik co-founder and managing editor Farzan Sabet recently conducted an interview with Italy’s L’Indro on the conference in Syria this week taking place in Geneva, Switzerland. Excerpts of the interview can be found in Italian on L’Indro’s article page. For an English translation of the interview, please see below. Barbara Ciolli: The power and influence…


Rouhani’s real challenge: The domestic front

Many see the Islamic Republic of Iran’s negotiations with the United Nations Security Council permanent five members plus Germany (P5+1) as perhaps the most difficult test facing the Hassan Rouhani administration. And, perhaps from a purely foreign policy standpoint, this is true: Rouhani, and his Minister of Foreign Affairs Javad Zarif, must extract as many…