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Four discouraging episodes and the state of social and political freedoms under Rouhani

As IranPolitik has argued in the past, Hassan Rouhani’s victory in the 2013 Iranian presidential election was due to a multitude of reasons, mobilizing people from across Iran’s political spectrum. One major constituency which appears to have supported Rouhani during the election were reform-seeking voters. Mohammad-Reza Aref, Reformist candidate in the 2013 election, dropped out…


Sadegh Kharrazi dampens excitement about U.S.-Iran rapprochement

Since the election of Hassan Rouhani on 15 June 2013, there have been many hopeful signs about the increased possibility of resolving the most pressing foreign policy issues facing the Islamic Republic of Iran, whether it be the impasse between the P5+1 and Iran in nuclear negotiations or lifting international economic sanctions. Beyond these myriad…


Alaeddin Boroujerdi: Parliament has power to supervise, approve nuclear deal

Does Iranian President Hassan Rouhani need Iran’s parliament, the Majlis, to supervise and agree to any agreement reached in nuclear negotiations between the P5+1 (United Nations Security Council Permanent Five Members Plus Germany) and the Islamic Republic? In a recent interview Alaeddin Boroujerdi, chairman of the Iranian parliament’s Foreign Policy and National Security Committee, certainly…

Asadollah Badmanchyan

Iranian conservatives divided over Rouhani’s U.S. policy

As the United Nations Security Council Permanent Five Members plus Germany (P5+1) and the Islamic Republic of Iran prepare to meet for the next round of high-level nuclear negotiations on 15 October 2013, Iranian conservatives, who operate under the Principalist label in Iran, are split over the prospect of better relations with the United States….


Iran Cyber Front: Rouhani’s cyber promises – Can, will he deliver?

Even before his surprise win in the 2013 Iranian presidential campaign, Hassan Rouhani had given indications that, if elected, he intended to improve Internet conditions in Iran. It wasn’t only Rouhani and his supporters’ enthusiastic use of social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter, which the web-savvy candidate had mastered much better than his presidential…


IRGC chief Jafari calls Rouhani phone call to Obama a “tactical error”

Since assuming the presidency this past August, Hassan Rouhnai has made strenuous efforts to reorient the Islamic Republic’s foreign policy toward a more moderate path in terms of its controversial nuclear program and the relationship with the United States. At the same time, he has been cautious not to antagonize Iranian hawks who might view…