Shojuni: Reformists will most certainly fail to pass through the Guardian Council’s filter

Article sourceFararu News Website 

Jafar Shojuni

Article date: 20 July 2011

In an interview with Fararu news website, Jafar Shojuni, member of the Combatant Clergy Association, former clergymen and interrogator at Evin prison and an extremist supporter of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has attacked ex-President Mohammad Khatami over a series of recent speeches in which he set conditions under which Reformists would participate in the upcoming Majlis (Iran’s legislature) elections:

“The bitter experience which the Reformists have left in their wake disqualifies them from speaking about and for the people…Mr. Khatami who now speaks about opening the political space, and is seeking to return to elections and politics must first answer for his treason against the revolution.”

In his speeches, Khatami stated that elections were the right of Reformists and all people, and that Reformists should not refuse to participate in the upcoming Majlis elections just because of objections to the current political climate. He set a number of conditions which needed to be met before Reformists should agree to participate in the elections including implementation of the constitution, release of political prisoners and freedom of all groups to participate in the upcoming elections.

Shojuni criticized Khatami and the Reformists for their role in the Green Movement demonstrations and signalled that the Judiciary and Guardian Council would bar any and all Reformists from standing for the upcoming elections, effectively expelling them from the system.

“The Judiciary must prosecute the Reformists, who unashamedly speak of returning to politics…If Khatami, Mousavi and Karroubi’s dossiers are reviewed by the Judiciary, they will be too badly publicly shamed to re-enter elections…There is no longer any room for Reformists in [Iranian] politics, and no one awaits their return…Regardless, if they dare go in the direction of elections they will most certainly fail to pass through the Guardian Council’s filter, and the Council from the start will disqualify each and every Reformist.”